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Vanuatu is one of the most diverse countries in the world. The word "Vanuatu" means 'Land Eternal', so apt for this beautiful, unspoilt paradise. It's people are mainly Melanesian, with more than 115 distinctly different cultures and languages. Vanuatu used to be called the New Hebrides but has now been an independent Republic since 1980. It is made up more than 83 separate islands and straddles what is known as the “Pacific Ring Of Fire”.

Vanuatu is situated between Fiji and New Caledonia (about 1,400 miles east of north-eastern Australia) in the West South Pacific. It's people are fun-loving and gentle by nature - rich in their culture and traditions but poor in terms of material wealth.

Tourism is crucial to the Vanuatu economy and local employment, so if you have the opportunity to come and visit this natural South Pacific
island paradise, we encourage you to do so. For a range of different tourist activities available, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

In recent years many a visitor to Vanuatu has eventually become a resident of Vanuatu. For more information on getting residency in Vanuatu, click here.

BANKS - There are 4 banks in Port Vila - the National Bank Of Vanuatu, BRED Bank, ANZ and Westpac.

LANGUAGE - The common, local dialect is Bislama - a form of Pidgin English. However, most Ni Vanuatu working in tourism speak English quite well; some also speak French.

LOCAL CURRENCY - The Vatu. Foreign currency exchange rates vary a bit but 1,000 vatu has historically stayed around $12.00 AUD.

CULTURE - The local Ni Vanuatu are mainly of Christian faith, combined with their tradional custom beliefs, including black magic.

DRINKING WATER - The local drinking water is high in Calcium but is generally fine to drink.

TRANSPORT - There is a public transport system in the form of mini-buses that will take you just about anywhere within the Port Vila town limits for 150 Vatu. Taxies are normally much more expensive.

For Vanuatu Tourism Attractions & Activities - Click Here



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